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El cliente en el origen: Customer-centricity, a cargo de Josep F. Valls

Date: Thursday, 26 April 2018Time: 19:00Place: Sede Uniandinos. Salón Campito. Sede Nacional Asociación de Egresados de la Universidad de los Andes. C/ 92. Nº16-11City: BogotáLanguage: SpanishPrice: FreeEach member may bring a maximum of 3 guest.

The ESADE Alumni Colombia Chapter is pleased to invite you to “Putting consumers at the
heart of everything: customer-centricity,”
, a talk by Josep F. Valls, professor in ESADE’s department of marketing management and chair at Ramon Llull University.

Digitisation makes it possible to situate customers at the hub of corporate management by using big data to scrutinise customers’ demand, the structure of goods and services, the price they are willing to pay, the time of purchase and the channel used.

The new customer relations paradigm now emerging involves the customer journey and encompasses direct relations with the customer, all of which facilitates the creation of value propositions.

As we all know, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are being used to know customers better but there is controversy about how these data are used and sometimes misused. Suffice to mention the uproar about Facebook, the US elections and even Brexit. Undoubtedly a fascinating and debatable topic that the audience is sure to enjoy.

Josep Valls’ book, Atrapando al Consumidor, will be on sale at this event.


Josep F. Valls

Professor in ESADE’s department of marketing management and chair at Ramon Llull University. Following his career in the management of media companies, he has spent more than twenty-five years involved with marketing and tourism as a lecturer, researcher, writer and consultant.

Don’t miss this talk! A great opportunity to keep pace with new developments and increase your professional networking!

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